Frequently Asked Questions
What are the prerequisites for this class?

There are no prerequisites for this class, but the advised skills are: Graphic Design 18 – Introduction to Graphic Design Applications (advised) or Entertainment Technology 11 – Computer Skills for Digital Media.

Is a book required for this class and where do I purchase it?

The book following book listed below is required for this class:

Jennifer Niederst Robbins – Learning Web Design; A beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, Style Sheets, and Web Graphics, O’Reilly Media, 2007, 3rd Edition 978-0596527525

The AET bookstore carries this title but you can also order it online or purchase it at a local bookstore.

As an online student, can I use the computer lab on campus?

Yes,  students who are taking a hybrid class are eligible to use the computer lab on the AET campus.

Where is the best place to buy computer software with a student discount?

Many of my students have recommended the following online stores for buying software:


Consider purchasing a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud to have access to all the Creative Suite software. Here’s more information about the Creative Cloud.

What is the best way for me to ask questions?

Monday – Thursday: I’ll respond within 24 hours through the discussion board on smconline.org under the threaded discussion for either general questions or that week’s assignment.
Friday, Sat, Sun:  I’l respond within 24 hours through email at cavanaugh_jamie@smc.edu.

If you need to email me about something you’d like to remain private or if your question needs immediate attention, you may email me at cavanaugh_jamie@smc.edu.

What do I do if I have technical problems with the smconline.org site?

If you have technical questions about access issues or passwords, etc. please contact the help-desk at helpdesk@smconline.org or by phone at 877-740-2213. This service is available to online students 24/7. ALWAYS go to the help-desk for technical assistance as I am here to teach the course and cannot help you with technical issues. There is a help tab on every page within the smconline.org platform.

On the Tools menu, click Tech Support. The Contact Help Desk page opens. There is a phone number and email address and a CHAT LIVE WITH A HELP-DESK PERSON option as well.

I’m interested in understanding available careers in web design. Where can I find this information?

Please take a look at: http://www.everythingaboutweb.com/beginner/webinteractive-career-descriptions/ 

What skills do I need in order to work as a professional web designer?

Please read: http://www.jamiecavanaugh.com/what-you-need-to-know-interactive-design/

At the end of the class will I be able to make any kind of web page?

The final project for this class is to re-design and build a small website. You will choose an existing website of your choice except I do not allow students to create their own portfolio website. The website must be a business or organization, and not a personal site for you or someone you know.

I would like to know how the quizzes work.

The quizzes are online and are 10 short-answer questions. When a quiz is due I’ll post a link to it in that week’s class notes. Please be sure to complete the quiz by the due date posted and be sure to hit the “Done” button at the end of the quiz to ensure it is submitted.

How can I find out more about Tumblr, and what about privacy and Tumblr?

Be sure to watch the “walk-through” video on Tumblr posted in the Class 01 notes. Here is another good resource on how-to use Tumblr.  We use Tumblr in this class to post some of your work in this class. My suggestion is to never post anything private on your Tumblr blog and if you do not want search engines to find your Tumblr site you may change this in your settings. Also, if privacy is an issue, I recommend deleting your Tumblr blog at the end of our 8-week class.