Final Project

Final Project – Due Thursday, December 13

Pick an existing website of your choice. Create a re-designed version of this site for your final project but give it a new name — it will be inspired by this site but will not use the name and content from this site.

Write a narrative critiquing the effectiveness of the current site

  • layout
  • color palette
  • typography
  • ease of navigation

Describe what works and does not work with the design. Who is the target audience? Comment on the effectiveness of the coding and functionality chosen to display content. Post this critique to your Tumblr blog.

Create a 5-page re-design of the website you have selected to re-design. Create a sitemap for your project and save it as a PDF to your “source_files” folder. Create a design comp (for all 5 pages) in Photoshop paying close attention to the layout and the balance and composition of the page. Using image slicing (we will cover this in class), create the assets and compress their file sizes effectively. Pay particular attention to the consistency and functionality of the navigation system. Using a column structure, build the pages in HTML using one external CSS file.


  • Optimize your design for a browser resolution size of 1024 x 768 (remember the dimension of your page should be 990 pixels wide and “the fold” is around 560 pixels)
  • Your Photoshop file must be RGB and 72 dpi.
  • Set up your file structure correctly with a “final_last name” folder containing 2 separate folders: “final_web” and “source_files.”
  • Complete 5 HTML pages with one external CSS file
  • Must use HTML text for the main content of your site, not images.
  • Please use images you have created, or free or royalty-free images on your site.
  • Upload your final project to the class server via FTP. (We will discuss how to do this in class).

Possible sources for images: