Course Syllabus*

Graphic Design 65
Web Design 1
Section 2351

*The content of this course may change depending on time constraints. The order of the topics listed may vary

Week 01

Class Notes: Course Introduction, Syllabus, Class Goals, History of the Internet, How the Internet Works, Types of Web sites, Overview of Web Design, Where Do You Start?, Anatomy of a Web site, Browsers and URLs, File Naming Conventions, File Structure and Management, User preferences, Platforms, Connection speed, Monitor Resolution, Color for web, Target audience, FTP, Web Design Process, Conceptualization & Research, Information Architecture, Site maps, Creating a simple HTML page

Assignment 1
Part 1 – Code a simple HTML page
Part 2 – Create a site map for 8-10 page website of your choice

Assigned Readings
Chapter 1: Where do I start?
Chapter 2: How the Web Works
Chapter 3: The Nature of Web Design
Chapter 20: The Site Development Process

Class Discussion

VIDEO: File Organization (Website Directory Structure)
VIDEO: The Basics of HTML
VIDEO: The Basics of CSS

. . . . . . .

Week 02

Class Notes: The Basics of Web Design, Creating a “look and feel,” Design concepts and principles, Composition and Layout, Color Theory, Navigation design, Do’s and don’ts, Quiz 1

Assignment 2
Part 1 – Using Photoshop, redesign the “look and feel” and the navigation for a home page for a small website of your choice
Part 2 – Exercises from Chapter 4

Assigned Readings
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design (online)
Chapter 4: Creating a Simple Page

Class Discussion
Critique: Knowing your Target Audience
Critique: Site maps

VIDEO: The Nature of the Medium

. . . . . . .

Week 03

Class meeting: Thursday, November 8 at 2:00pm in AET 105.

Class Lecture: Marking up text, HTML, CSS, WYSYWYG authoring tool

Assignment 3
Part 1 – Create a simple web page using the HTML and CSS we discussed in class
Part 2 – Exercises from Chapter 5 & 11

Assigned Reading
Chapter 5: Marking up Text
Chapter 11: Cascading Style Sheet Orientation

VIDEO: One Column CSS Layout

. . . . . . .

Week 04

Class Notes: Final project assignment, FTP, Adding links, Adding images, Rollovers, Tables, Quiz 2

Assignment 4
Part 1 – Adding links and images to an HTML page
Part 2 – Exercises from Chapter 6 & 7

Assigned Reading
Chapter 6: Adding Links
Chapter 7: Adding Images

Class Discussion

. . . . . . .

Week 05

Class Notes: Layout, Positioning, final project sitemap and home page design comp due, Quiz 3

Assignment 5
Part 1 – Build a basic 2-column layout
Part 2 – Exercises from Chapter 14, 15 & 16

Assigned Readings
Chapter 14: Thinking Inside the Box
Chapter 15: Floating and Positioning
Chapter 16: Page Layout with CSS

Class Discussion

VIDEO: Two Column CSS Layout
VIDEO: Floating and Positioning

. . . . . . .

Week 06

Class meeting: Thursday, November 29 at 2:00pm in AET 105.

Class Lecture: Layout, Positioning, Web graphics, File formats, Image Compression, Quiz 4

Assignment 6
Part 1 – Using an external CSS file to style the text in your HTML page
Part 2 – Image compression assignment

Assigned Readings
Chapter 12: Formatting Text
Chapter 18: Web Graphics Basics
Chapter 19: Lean and Mean Web Graphics

Due: Final project site map and home page design comp

VIDEO: Image Slicing

. . . . . . .

Week 07

Class Notes: Formatting text, web typography

Extra Credit Assignment
Using the text provided, layout the text in Photoshop taking in consideration the principles of web typography covered in the class notes

Assigned Reading
I Love Typography website

. . . . . . .

Week 08

Class meeting: Thursday, December 13 at 2:00pm in AET 105.

Class Notes: Where do I go from here? What else is there to know? What will be covered in Graphic Design 66 (Web Design 2)?

Class Critques: Use FTP to upload your final project to the class server before our class week 08, Final Exam