Assignment 02

Below are your assignments due next week by 8:00am Monday, February 18.

Our first classroom meeting is Thursday, November 8 (yea!) so have your assignments finished before our class.

Gr Des 65 Classroom meeting
Thursday, November 8, 2012
2:00pm – 5:05pm
AET 106




Discussion – Assignment 2: Knowing your Target Audience
Answer and discuss the questions posted in the Discussion section of class website. Please respond and discuss your answers with your fellow students. I”m happy to lead the discussion but I want everyone to actively participate. The more discussion we have in this class, the better.

Discussion – Assignment 2: Site map Critiques
Reviewing the site maps provided, answer and discuss the questions posted in the Discussion section of class website. Based on our discussion, make revisions to the site map you completed for Assignment 1. See “Exercises” below for more information.


Answer the following questions from The Principles of Beautiful Web Design reading.  Post the answers to your class Tumblr blog:

  • What is “Grid Theory” and why is it important to web design?
  • In addition to “balance,” what are the other design principles important also to Web design?
  • What are the “Bread and Butter Layouts” in web design?


Exercises (3 parts)

Part 1 – Create a design comp. After reading the class notes and “The Basics of Web Design” reading from the everything about web website, design the home page for the Monday May Design creative studio. Here’s the details:

  • Monday May Design is a fictitious name so this company doesn’t really exist but I’d like you to pretend they’re your client. Pretend they’re a creative studio based in Los Angeles and they want you to design their website. A couple questions to answer for yourself before designing:  Who is the target audience for this site? How does Monday May Design want to visually represent themselves? What does their “brand” represent? Are they quirky, artsy, techy, intellectual, conservative, serious etc. How would they describe themselves? Look at other creative studio websites for inspiration.
  • Take time to do research and to look for inspiration. Start here: Best Web Gallery
  • Create your design comp in Photoshop following the instructions in the class notes. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the notes)
  • Please optimize your design for a 1024 x 768 monitor resolution. This means the width of your page needs to be 990 pixels wide. “The fold” is 560 pixels high but your page height should be longer than 560 pixels.
  • When designing, focus on all the basics from the reading “The Basics of Web Design”— the Grid, Color palette, Navigation, Design principles, and Typography. Your grade will be determined by your effective use of the basics covered in this reading.
  • Use the Monday May Design site map to understand the organization of the navigation for the website. Your grade will be adversely effected if you don’t base the design your navigation on the organization depicted in the  site map.
  • Please post any questions you have about this exercise to the Discussion section of the site.

Part 2 – Complete Exercises from Chapter 4
Exercises 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5
Use TextEdit or Notepad to create the HTML and CSS files for these exercises. If you need to, review our videos from Week 01, The Basics of HTML and The Basics of CSS.

Part 3 – Complete a revision of your site map from Assignment 1.

Based on our discussion in the Discussion section of the website, make revisions to the site map you completed for Assignment 1.

When you upload your zip file to the Dropbox, please be sure to include your name in your file names. For example:

Quiz 1

Click here to take Quiz 1

  • Please complete the Quiz before the due date. The quiz will end on this date and you won’t be able to take it.


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