Assignment 05

Below are your assignments due next week by noon, Wednesday, November 28.

Our second classroom meeting is that same day so have your assignments finished before our class.

Gr Des 65 Classroom meeting
Thursday, November 29
2:00pm – 5:05pm
AET 105


1. All class notes from Week 5
2. Assigned Reading from Textbook:

  • Chapter 14: Thinking Inside the Box
  • Chapter 15: Floating and Positioning
  • Chapter 16: Page Layout with CSS


Discussion is due by noon, Monday, November 26. Please post by this date.

Discussion – Assignment 5: Competitive Analysis

Please answer the following questions on the Discussion section of the site.

For many of you, I mentioned doing a competitive analysis for your final project website.

  • What is a competitive analysis?
  • Why is a competitive analysis important to the design process?
  • What things kind of things do you look at when doing a competitive analysis?
  • What three competitive websites can you look at for your final project?

Please choose 3 competitive websites and give a paragraph summary of each site (pros, cons) and post this on your Tumblr blog.


VIDEO: Two Column CSS Layout – Part 1
VIDEO: Two Column CSS Layout – Part 2

Exercises (3 parts)

Part 1 – Practice creating a two-column layout for the “Art by Justine” web page demonstrated in the 2 videos above. Please refer to the class notes for this exercise. Please make sure you’re using correct file organization and turn in the entire “final_web” folder which contains all the files for the web page.

Download the Photoshop file for the “Art by Justine” web page and a folder of the images for this exercise.

Part 2 – Continue working on your final project. Our next class meeting is the perfect time to go over any questions you may have. I want to take a look at your design and give you more feedback before you start building the site in HTML and CSS so bring in your final project files to our classroom meeting . Please move forward with the design of your site based on my feedback regarding your home page design comp.

Part 3 – Exercises from Chapter 16

Please complete exercises 16-1, 16-2 from Chapter 16. Upload your files as a zip file to the “Dropbox” on site by noon on noon, Wednesday, November 28.

When you upload your zip file to the Dropbox, please put both parts of the assignment in one folder and be sure to include your name in your file names. For example:

Quiz 3

Click here to take Quiz 3
Complete Quiz 3 by noon on noon, Wednesday, November 28.


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