Assignment 06

Below are your assignments due next week by noon, Wednesday, December 5


1. All class notes from Week 6
2. Assigned Reading from Textbook:

  • Chapter 12: Formatting Text
  • Chapter 18: Web Graphics Basics
  • Chapter 19: Lean and Mean Web Graphics


No discussion this week… you have plenty of work to do on your final project!


VIDEO: Image Slicing – Part 1
VIDEO: Image Slicing – Part 2
Only watch Parts 1 and 2. You don’t need to complete this project, use the information in this demo to slice and save out the images for the Art by Justine web page as outlined in the Exercises below.

Exercises (3 parts)

Part 1 – Practice optimizing image for the web by compressing the images for the “Art by Justine” web page as demonstrated in class. Please refer to the class notes for this exercise and to the 2 videos in the WATCH section. Please make sure you’re using correct file organization and turn in the entire folder which contains the file organization and all the images files for the web page.

Please optimize the following 8 images: Logo “Art by Justine,” Facebook icon, Twitter icon, LinkedIn icon, Photo of Justine, Graffiti Paris image, 2 Art images in right column. Be sure to use the correct web graphic format based on the class notes and our discussion in class.

Download the Photoshop file for the “Art by Justine” web page.

Part 2 – Continue working on your final project. Based on feedback regarding your home page design comp, make any revisions to your design and continue your work on the design comps for the rest of the 5 pages. I want to see the design comps for the rest of your pages by Tuesday, October 9. Please email the design comps to me as jpg images by Tuesday, December 4 so I can give you any final feedback and you can start building your final project in HTML and CSS.

Part 3 – If you haven’t done so already, write a narrative critiquing the effectiveness of the website you’re re-designing for your final project. Base your critique on the objectives from “The Basics of Web Design” reading and the critiques we did Week 03.

  1. The Grid
  2. Color Palette
  3. Navigation
  4. Design Principles
  5. Typography

Describe what works and does not work with the design of the current website. Who is the target audience? What did you learn from your competitive analysis and how did this impact your re-design? Post this critique to your Tumblr blog. This is part of your assignment for your final project.

When you upload your zip file to the Dropbox, please put both parts of the assignment in one folder and be sure to include your name in your file names. For example:

Quiz 4

Click here to take Quiz 4
Complete Quiz 4 by noon, Wednesday, December 5.


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