Assignment 07


1. All class notes from Class 7
2. Assigned Online Readings


Exercises (3 Parts)

The three parts below are part of your final project grade, so you won’t be given a separate grade for this.

Part 1 – Taking in consideration the principles of web typography covered in class, work on refining the text on your home page and the rest of the pages for your final project. Be sure to pay close attention to your use of Contrast, Size, Hierarchy and Space. For this assignment, you are restricted to the “web-safe fonts” in the class notes below and the restrictions listed.

  • Restricted to Web safe fonts
  • Use more than one color
  • Use more than two different sizes
  • Use more than one font-face
  • Use line-spacing and letter-spacing
  • Use white space or negative space well

Part 2 – Continue working on your final project. Based on feedback regarding your design comps, make any revisions to your design and get started on the technical production for your final project. Be sure to give yourself at least a week to build the 5 pages for your site. Do not wait until a few days before to build your site!

Part 3 – If you haven’t done so already, write a narrative critiquing the effectiveness of the website you’re re-designing for your final project. Base your critique on the objectives from “The Basics of Web Design” reading and the critiques we did Week 03.

  1. The Grid
  2. Color Palette
  3. Navigation
  4. Design Principles
  5. Typography

Describe what works and does not work with the design of the current website. Who is the target audience? What did you learn from your competitive analysis and how did this impact your re-design? Post this critique to your Tumblr blog. This is part of your assignment for your final project.


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