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Final Exam

To take the Final Exam, click here.

Final Project – Due Monday, June 11

Redesign a Restaurant website

You will design this website based on the information here:
Better Restaurant Websites

  • Accessibility & Mobile Features ( you do not need to build this project as a responsive design)
  • Important Business Features
  • Social & Search Engines

Specifications for final project:

Five pages – HTML/CSS
The remainder of the pages should be placeholder pages.
Your project must include the following:

  1. Embedded font(s)
  2. Concentrate on refining the typography for the site. Remember hierarchy!
  3. Drop down menu
  4. Form(s) (i.e. Contact form)
  5. JQuery (slideshow or another feature)

The deliverables for the final project:

  • Communication Brief
  • Site map (The website should be 8-12 pages)
  • HTML/CSS. Five complete pages with the remainder as placeholder pages uploaded to the class server.



  1. Kristina Hanson June 10th

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    Hi Jamie,

    I sent you an email this Saturday regarding my final project, just wanted to confirm you received it, thanks!

  2. Kristina Hanson June 10th

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    Okay, I emailed you again to both your email addresses, just want to confirm you received it this time, thanks!

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