Course Syllabus*

Graphic Design 66
Web Design 2

*The content of this course may change depending on time constraints. The order of the topics listed may vary.

Class 01

Topics: Course Intro, Syllabus, Class Goals, Domain name registration, Web hosting, The Internet, Web file naming conventions, File Organization, HTML review, WordPress, Knowing your tools, Finding answers/troubleshooting, Staying up-to-date, Collaborating.
Assignment: Build webpage

Assigned Reading
Chapter 2: Tools
Chapter 3: Learning on the Web
Chapter 4: Internet Fundamentals

NO CLASS: Monday, February 20: President’s Day

Class 02

Topics: File Organization review, FTP review (file transfer protocol), Web Design Critiques (Target audience), Design Process, Project Roles, What is an Information Architect?, Site Map (Site Diagram) Communication Brief (Project Description, Project Brief), Preparing Design comps, Image slicing
Assignment: Site map

Assigned Reading
Chapter 6: Planning a Website
Chapter 7: Site Planning
Chapter 8: Content Analysis

Class 03

Topics: Focus on Users, Personas, Content Inventory, Web Analytics, Competitive Analysis (Competitive Review), Wireframes, Web graphic formats, Image compression in Photoshop, Quiz 1
Assignment: Design webpage focusing on target audience, image slicing

Assigned Reading
Chapter 9: Content Strategy
Chapter 10: HTML Intro
Chapter 11: CSS Intro

Videos: Dreamweaver Tutorials

Class 04

Topics: The importance of Good HTML Semantics, HTML Best Practices, HTML 5, The Anatomy of a CSS Rule, External CSS file, CSS Shorthand, CSS Measurement Units, Color in CSS, CSS Selectors, Inheritance, The Cascade, Specificity, CSS3, Moving from Photoshop to Dreamweaver: Starting Technical Production, Dreamweaver review
Assignment: Build web page in Dreamweaver

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 20: Floats
Chapter 21: Positioning

Class 05

Topics: Creating Multiple Column Layouts with Floats, Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed positioning,  3-column layout, z-index, Midterm project assignment (Chapter 25: Bringing it Together)
Assignment: CSS-based layout, Start work on design comp

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 12: <head>
Chapter 13:  Headings and paragraphs
Chapter 14:  Whitespace

Class 06

Topics: Doctypes, Adding keywords and a description, Adding styles and script, Using a favicon, Text properties, CSS Box model, Quiz 2
Assignment: CSS-based layout

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 15: Links
Chapter 16:  Images

Class 07

Topics: Web Design Critique (Use of Whitespace, Navigation)  Navigation, Drop Down Menus, CSS Box Model, Links Best Practices, Link CSS, CSS background image.
Assignment: Build navigation menu using <li> tag
Midterm project design comp due

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 17:  Lists

Class 08

Topics: Navigation, Three List Types, List styling, Image Best Practices, Image Replacement, CSS Sprites, Basic table elements, Quiz 3, Determining page layout
Assignment: CSS-based layout, 3-column structure in Dreamweaver, Work on Midterm Project

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 18:  Tables
Chapter 19:  Forms

Class 09

Midterm project critiques — Monday, April 23

Class 10

Topics: Web Design Critiques (Typography), Web typography Best Practices, Embedding fonts
Assignment: Web typography

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 5: Writing for the Web

Class 11

Topics: Adding color and graphics to tables, Form best practices, HTML for forms, Styling Forms, HTML 5 Forms, Quiz 4
Assignment: Create an HTML Form

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 22 : Accessibility Intro
Chapter 23 : Accessibility Helps
Chapter 24 : Accessibility Testing

Class 12

Topics: Embedding Flash, What is jQuery?, Integrating Lightbox feature
Assignment: jQuery slideshow

Class 13

Topics:  Social Media, Behaviors: Show-Hide elements, Spry menu and Spry elements, Pop-up windows
Due: Home page and Landing page design comp
Assignment: Work on final project
Final project design comp due

NO CLASS: Monday, May 28: Memorial Day

Class 14

Topics: Working on final project in-class, Final Exam

Class 15

Final Project Critiques — Monday, June 11