Frequently Asked Questions
What are the prerequisites for this class?

The prerequisites for this class are: Graphic Design 65 and Graphic Design 64 (or Entertainment Technology 37).  If you have not completed these two classes first, you may not take Graphic Design 66.

I have already taken ET 14 Web Design 1. Is Gr Des 66 the next class I should take?

No, Gr Des 66 is the same class as ET 14. The next class you would want to take after ET 14 is Gr Des 67 “Web Design 3.”

Is a book required for this class and where do I purchase it?

The book following book listed below is not required for this class but is suggested:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques (How-Tos) (Paperback) by David Karlins (Author) November 2008, Adobe Press ISBN: 0321562895.

The SMC bookstore may carry this title but you can also order it online or purchase it at a local bookstore.

As an online student, can I use the computer lab on campus?

Yes, Online-E computer class students are eligible to use the computer lab on the AET campus. (Note: AET campus is closed Winter 2010).

Where is the best place to buy computer software with a student discount?

Many of my students have recommended the following online store for buying software:


What is the best way for me to ask questions?

When you have questions about the class, I ask you to please post the question in the Discussion area on the smconline.org site or in the comments section of the class website. If you need to email me about something you’d like to remain private, you may email me at cavanaugh_jamie@smc.edu.

What do I do if I have technical problems with the smconline.org site?

If you have technical questions about access issues or passwords, etc. please contact the help-desk at helpdesk@smconline.org or by phone at 877-740-2213. This service is available to online students 24/7. ALWAYS go to the help-desk for technical assistance as I am here to teach the course and cannot help you with technical issues. There is a help tab on every page within the smconline.org platform. At the bottom of the help area there is a phone number and email address and a CHAT LIVE WITH A HELP-DESK PERSON option as well.