Final project – Due Thursday, June 9
CJLO Radio Station Web Redesign

From the Huffington Post: “Last year’s co-recipient of CMJ’s station of the year award, CJLO, was born in 1998 — the product of a merger between two previously existing Concordia University radio stations. CJLO is non-profit and entirely volunteer-run, and can be listened to daily online or on 1690 AM in the Montreal area. In addition to publishing album and concert reviews in their magazine, CJLO does an excellent job of updating their weekly charts.”

About CJLO
“Formed in 1998 as a merger between CRSG and CFLI, two former stations, CJLO is Concordia University’s one and only radio station. 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers, the station is located in the heart of the Loyola campus in the NDG borough of Montreal. Our on-air personalities are the backbone of the station and there are over eighty DJ’s spinning for your listening pleasure. Whether you are interested in Rock, Alt, Hip-Hop, RPM, Punk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, World, Country or Talk and Sports, CJLO has something for you, and is always looking for more on air talent.

From early 2003, CJLO has been streaming 7 days a week and in 2008 the station began broadcasting on 1690 AM throughout the Montreal area with 1000 watts of power. Our tower and transmitter are located in Lachine and we can be heard as far as Ottawa and Burlington, Vermont.

CJLO offers a wide variety of programming that truly encompasses the styles appreciated by all of Concordia’s 40,000 students and by a wide range of other communities around Montreal. CJLO also hosts events throughout the city to help promote and support the community and musicians.”

CJLO Website:

The Goals for the Redesign
The focus of this project is to create a portfolio quality web site following the goals for the project. The goals are based on the NPR case study reading from Week 06.

The existing site fails to meet audience needs or deliver an experience consistent with the brand. Goals for this launch are to provide:

  • Develop a brand and define target audiences for the radio station
  • Create a redesigned user experience to improve the existing navigation, functionality and overall usability of the current site.
  • Enhance the visual design to strengthen the brand.

Your final project is due by 12 noon on Thursday, June 9. No late projects accepted. I want to give you plenty of time to do the research and design necessary for this project so I’m giving you the specifications for the project below. Please let me know if you have any questions about the final project.

Your project should consist of:

  • Research and competitive analysis of other college radio websites
  • Write a Creative/Communication Brief
  • Create a Site map
  • Your midterm project design comp (3 pages) is Tuesday, May 31.
  • 8 complete HTML pages and “placeholder” pages for the rest of the pages. (A placeholder page is the structure of the page with all the navigation but it doesn’t need to have complete text and photos. This is an example of a placerholder page).
  • 8 pages that have complete content, including photos and text.
  • A clear navigation system
  • Sub-navigation
  • A strong visual design
  • A theme and visual concept that carries through the site
  • A design that works well on 1024×728 displays (i.e. navigation & primary content inside 990×560)
  • You must use a CSS-based layout and the navigation and text should be  HTML text. (No image-based navigation or text).
  • You must post your final project to the class server (sse FTP page for more details) by noon, Tuesday, April 7.

Please note: You must make use of royalty free images for your project. You may use your own original artwork and/or photography if you prefer.

Possible sources for images:

Final Project checklist

Make sure you follow “best practices.” Here is a link to a list of  Web Design Best Practices for you to refer to:

1. Did you research the project and determine a specific look and feel for your target audience(s)?
2. Did you follow the site map you created for the site?
3. Did you follow the specified dimensions based on a 1024 x 728 monitor resolution? (Finished size 990 pixels wide)
4. Did you create your site using a CSS-based layout?
5. Did you design effective main navigation and sub-navigation for your site?
6. Did you title your pages, use headings <h1> etc,  and highlight navigation?
7. Did you use HTML text for your navigation and text?
8. Did you create and use only one external CSS file for your site?