Assignment 09

Individually on your own:

Create and modify a WordPress site.

  • Pick a theme to work with for this exercise. Choose a theme that is suitable for the Santa Monica College website.
  • Create pages for the Santa Monica College website based on your site map.
  • Set up your menu system to reflect the site structure. Be sure to put the pages in a hierarchy as appropriate.
  • Add “dummy” content to your page. Add Widgets to your site. Appearance > Widgets.
  • Using the Editor, make changes to your CSS file (style.css) such as changing the font-family, color for the font, styling for your h1, h2, etc.
  • Install plug-ins and look for a plug-in you can use to create a slideshow/gallery.
  • Use this assignment to play with WordPress, it’s pretty difficult to “break,” but make sure you have a back up of your CSS file and any .php files you modify.

As a team (dividing up the work is a smart approach):

1) Pick a team leader and a name for your “studio.” Create a “studio” site that you can use as a project website to communicate with your “client” (me) and you can post your documentation.

2) Make a decision on your final documentation. The deliverables due next week are the documentation you will base your final project on: Final versions of Client Survey, Personas, Competitive Analysis, Communication Brief, Schedule, Final Estimate, Sitemap, Wireframes. You will be graded on the visual design of this documentation so put together a set of documentation that is “client-ready.”

3) Review Themes to find one your team can use for the final project for the Santa Monica College website.

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