Assignment 10

Week 12– Assignments
Individual Project

1. Redesign the SMC Corsair Connect Mobile website:

Using Photoshop, create Design Comps for a redesign of the new Corsair Connect mobile site. The website runs on any smartphone browser that supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This site is considered a Web app. It uses the meta tag in HTML5 to get the viewport size, uses CSS to control the content, and a framework like JQuery Mobile to package and maintain the many different form factors.

Think about how you can improve the experience for the mobile user. Keep these points in mind while you’re designing:

1. Focus on what matters most. What will the user want/need to do from their phone. For example, where is the campus map?

2. Rethink and re-organize the content. Keep in mind the most common mobile usage:

Lookup/Find (urgent info, local): I need an answer to something now—frequently related to my current location in the world.
Explore/Play (bored, local): I have some time to kill and just want a few idle time distractions.
Check In/Status (repeat/micro-tasking): Something important to me keeps changing or updating and I want to stay on top of it.
Edit/Create (urgent change/micro-tasking): I need to get something done now that can’t wait.

3. Think about how to brand the mobile website. Using color and header content, create a look and feel that reflects the branding of the school.

4. Redesign the home screen and the enrollment section. Think again about color and the possibly of using icons on the home page.

Create a concept and visual design for the mobile site. Your design can focus on one aspect of the mobile website, it doesn’t need to be a complete site.

Please do your research
. Here’s a good place to start:
EduStyle Mobile websites:

You may use the iPhone GUI (Graphical User Interface) PSD file, the Android GUI (Graphical User Interface) or the Blackberry Bold GUI (Graphical User Interface) files if you would like to create the sketch in Photoshop. Post your thoughts and decision-making process for this exercise on your WP blog. Upload your files into a Week 12 folder in your student folder on the class server. Bring your files to our next class.

Team Project

2. Continue working on your Final Project. Please create a WordPress blog for your “studio” where everyone can post entries regarding the design process for the final project.

1) Choose a team leader.
2) Select a “studio” name. Set up WordPress site to use for your group.
3) Be sure that you’ve exchanged email addresses with the rest of your team members.
4) Let me know what WordPress theme you’ve chosen to use for your project. This is CRITICAL. You need to do this ASAP so you can get started. I will install WordPress in a studio folder on the class server and email you when it’s available.
5) Discuss deliverables and who will complete what.

3. Deliverables due in 1 week on May 24: Final Design (based on WordPress theme), Final Content (partial), Home page & a landing page created in WordPress.

Please email me to touch base on your progress and if you have ANY questions. I want to help you between this class and the next. Don’t lose time on this project because we don’t have class next week.


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  1. Jenn

    Hi, Jamie. Where would you like us to upload our final documentation?

    • jamie

      Please post your final documentation to your team WP blog.


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