Class 10

Topics: Midterm Project Presentations

Please have your midterm projects uploaded to the server before class. You must present your project to receive a grade.

Midterm Project – Due May 3

This project will be completed individually, the midterm is not a team or group project.

Specifications:Design a prototype home page and first-level page for the Santa Monica College website. Create a site map for the complete website (you can start with the site map you already created and make any necessary revisions) and be prepared to present the site map for your presentation. Focus on implementing what you learned from the Information Architecture documents we created in class . Create an interesting navigational interface that allows the user to navigate the site in multiple ways. Use HTML and an external CSS file to build the prototype for your home page and first-level page of your site. Post your thoughts and decision-making process for this project on your WP blog.


  1. Sitemap for entire site
  2. Design Comps (2 directions) Due April 19 at the latest.
  3. Home page
  4. First-level page for one of the sections. (Commonly referred to as the “landing page.”)
  5. Posting your thoughts and decision-making process for this project on your WP blog.

You need to upload your midterm project to the class server in order to present your project to the class. Please do this BEFORE class on Thursday, May 3. Please upload your work in your folder and name it “midterm_yourlastname”

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