Class 15

Final Project Presentations

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Final Project presentations: You must attend the final day of class and present your final project in order to receive a grade.

All Deliverables must be completed by June 7.

Deliverable: 7-10 page WordPress site
Deliverable: Mobile Web/App Design Comp

Deliverable: All supporting deliverables from Classes 1-9
Deliverable: Screencast presentation of project

Final Presentations – Thursday, June 7, 6:30pm

Keep these things in mind when working on your presentation

  • Every team will have approximately 15 minutes plus a 5 minute Q & A
  • Every team member must speak during the presentation.
  • Be sure to stand up when possible and project your voice. I want to be able to hear you from the back of the room!
  • Have an outline of the information your team is presenting. Practice! Tell a story. Good presentations are about good storytelling. (You can use the screencast to practice, but you will do your presentation live)

Be sure you cover the six things I outlined below. While going through the six points, focus on the “story.” Do not merely click through the pages of the site… give us context for your work!

  1. What where the objectives (problems and issues) for the project? What did the client (Santa Monica College) want for the redesign? What about the students?
  2. How did your team solve these problems and issues through your design?
  3. Be sure to show some documentation (but not all, remember you only have 15 minutes!): personas, sitemaps, wireframes etc. Make it part of the story you’re telling.
  4. Talk about the competitive analysis and what you discovered there.
  5. How did you select the color palette and the layout for the site?
  6. The prototype for the SMC mobile Web/App must be a part of your presentation.


WordPress sites located here:

Team 1 – Bootiki 
Channing Ross
Jennifer Vero (Team Leader)
Marcos Bellet
Christine Larson

Team 2 – Design Flow
Christiana Doherty (Team Leader)
Artak Zamanyan
Andrew Yate
Eric Schoner

Team 3 – Front Row Designs
Jenna Harju (Team Leader)
Angela Robertson
Pat Shade
Jill Wilk

Team 4 – HiRes 
Peri Holguin
Victoria Rafanelli
Lina Cordero (Team Leader)
Eniko Hoblyak

Team 5 – 67 Four Studio Design
Dante Durand
Roya Nouri (Team Leader)
Flavia Lee
Mio Sasaki

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