Week 02

Week 02 – Topics

Understanding the Audience
CSS Review
CSS Selector Types
Assignment:  Personas (User Profiles)


1) Working in teams of 2 or 3 with different people than last week, discuss and complete 3 personas (user profiles) for the Design Technology Website Design project we discussed in class.  Again, this will require you getting “inside the head” of the audience to create these profiles/personas.  Please create one persona for each of the following 3 target audience groups. (Note, that much of creating a user profile is again a “best guess,” but that’s okay).

  1. Student
  2. Prospective Student
  3. Faculty

You may use one of the persona templates below (or some combination)— or better yet, create your own. These documents would normally be shared with the client, so you want them to look as professional as possible.  Each team member will post the 3 personas as PDFs to a “Week 2″ folder and place it in their “lastname_firstname” folder on the class server. Bring the documents with you to our next class.

Deliverable: 3 Personas (User Profiles)
Persona Template 1  or
Persona Template 2

2) Assigned Reading
Chapter 3: “Phase 1: Define the Project”(pg 59-61)
Chapter 10: “Analyzing your Competition”

Before our next class, post answers to the following questions on your class blog.

What are the differences between a Formal and an Informal Industry Analysis?
Name a few of the features you might look for when you are doing a Competitive Analysis.
What are the three main areas for rating when evaluating for a Competitive Analysis?


Core Design Process
How many phases are part of the Core Process and what are they?
What is “Scope Creep” and how can you prepare for it?
What are the two ways to combat content delay?
What does the “QA” in QA testing stand for?
What do the authors mean when they refer to “Smart Design?”

Gathering Information
What does the word “Discovery” refer to?
Give me a couple examples of “good client” attributes and “red flag client” warning signs.
Please download the Maintenance Survey and come prepared to discuss.

Understanding your Audience
What is an audience profile? What is another name for it?
Name some of the things you need to analyze when determining an audience’s capabilities?
Download the Expanded Tech-Check and be prepared to discuss in class.

Discuss Reading:
Stylin’ with CSS – Chapter 2: “How CSS Works”

What is the Core Design Process?
From Web ReDesign 2.0
Web User Profiles – User Personas

Please read the following: http://www.fatpurple.com/2010/02/26/web-user-profiles-user-personas/

Personas (User Profiles)

“A persona is a documented set of archetypal people who are involved with a product or a service. Personas turn “the users” into identifiable human beings…Personas are typically amalgams of multiple people who share similar goals, motivations, and behaviors.”

Designers should devise personas from observing and talking to users.

Personas by themselves are useless. They become useful when the designer sets up scenarios and uses the personas to test features for appropriateness and utility:

  • Would this persona do this task?
  • Could this persona do this task as it is designed?
Three persona examples

Heather A.
Theresa L.
George V.

CSS, CSS Selectors, CSS Box Model
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