Week 04

Week 04 – Topics

Determining Overall Goals
Preparing a Communication Brief
Creating a Project Plan
Setting the Budget
Creating Schedules
Assigning the Project Team
Setting Up Staging Areas
Planning for User Testing
Kicking Off the Project

Deliverable: Communication Brief
Deliverable: Estimate
Deliverable: Schedule

Discuss Reading:
Chapter 3: “Phase 1: Define the Project”(pg 61-85)


1) Working in teams of 2 or 3 with different people than last week, discuss and complete a Communication Brief, Estimate, Schedule for the Design Technology Website Design project.

Again, these documents are normally shared with the client, so make them look as professional as possible.  Each team member will post all four documents as a PDF to a “Week 4″ folder in their “lastname_firstname” folder AND one copy as a team to the “communication brief” folder on the class server. Be sure to have your names on the file. Bring the documents with you to our next class.

Download the Communication Brief Worksheet to help in formulating the content for your Communication Brief. Here a Sample Creative Brief to use as a template for your Communication Brief. Here’s an example of a Schedule and an example of a Estimate that you might find useful for this assignment.

Deliverables: Communication Brief Worksheet, Communication Brief, Estimate, Schedule

2) Assigned Reading
Chapter 4: “Phase 2: Develop Site Structure” (pg 86-95)
Stylin’ with CSS – Chapter 5: “Basic Page Layout”

Before our next class, post answers to the following questions on your class blog.

What are the “three views” discussed in the book involving the content of the site.  And what are the differences between the three views?
What is a “content audit?”


Download the Communication Brief Worksheet and come prepared to discuss.
Name a few examples of “overall goals” for the web site design or re-design.
What does a Project Plan consist of?
Give examples of good documentation practices for a project.
Download and review the two estimating methods by Task and by Team and come prepared to discuss.
Download and review the budgeting time tracker and come prepared to discuss.
When is an Additional Charge Form used? (oftentimes referred to as Change Order)
What are the two ways to approach the Scheduling task? (Here’s an example of a Schedule and an example of a Estimate that you might find useful)
What is the difference between a Visual Designer and an Information Designer?
What is a “staging area?”
What is included in the agenda of a “kick off” meeting?

Business Objective & Goals
  • Enhance the awareness of the Design Technology department by highlighting the campus, the relevancy of the programs, (Entertainment Technology, Graphic Design, Interior Architectural Design) and showcase the work of the students.
  • Create a sense of community where students, prospective students, faculty and alumni can keep informed and involved with the Design Technology department.
  • Focus attention on career placement and networking for students and on building a community of alumni who remain active with their respective programs.

How we would like the Design Technology Department to be perceived:
Perception Group 1 – Affordable, Approachable, Friendly, Personable, Open, Welcoming, Positive, Diverse, Inclusive.

And at the same time:
Perception Group 2 – Current, Modern, Savvy, Credible, Leading-Edge, Reliable, Accredited, Knowledgeable, Expert, Cutting-Edge Technology, Innovative, Hip.

Client Survey – Version 2

Attached is version 2 of the client survey. This version is based largely on Leah and Becky’s client survey but I’ve also included information from several other client surveys and did some wordsmithing overall. The survey isn’t final yet but let’s discuss whether it’s ready to show the client so we can get some feedback.



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