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Designing Interactions The Design of Everyday Things UX Bookstore Designing Interfaces Website Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow that Works Graphic Artists Guild Handbook (Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines)


Resolution sizes Mozilla Firefox


Simple Guide: How To Get Started With jQuery

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS Tool Box


CSS Cheat Sheet 20 CSS Short Hands You’ll Love List of Really Useful Tools for CSS Developers Web Design 101: Backgrounds Web Design 101: Positioning Web Design 101: Floats SitePoint CSS Reference CSS Properties and Values How to Size Text in CSS Multi-Column Layouts Climb Out of the Box

Design Process

Product Concept: Touchscreen Conference Phone Redesigning the Expression Engine Site Design Review Check sheets


ActionScript 3 Tutorials Does Flash irk me? by Veerle Pieter Flash tutorials for creating visual experiences


History of Visual Communication: The Computer Computer History Museum: Internet History 1962-1992 History of GUI (Graphical User Interface) Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009


Editors TextEdit TextWrangler BBEdit Dreamweaver Resources HTML Cheat Sheet SitePoint HTML Reference (X)HTML Elements and Attributes Column Structures Two column structure: Two column faux structure: Three column structure:

Information Architecture

Overview of Information Architecture Experience design & information architecture resources The Information Architecture Institute’s IA tools Sitemaps: Shape Library (Illustrator EPS file) (Eric Turner’s quick reference guide is an easy one-page description of all the shapes & elements. And Scott Larson created this handy cheatsheet for quick reference to the various conditional elements.)

Interaction Design

SVA Interaction Design Video Series Interaction Design Pattern Library Yahoo User Interface Library

Interface Design

The Future of Interface Design 10 Free CSS Menus Design Stencil Kit


iPhone GUI PSD Inside the App Economy

Online Magazines

Boxes and Arrows Digital Web Magazine Wireframes Magazine


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RSS Feeds

RSS Tutorial Yahoo Pipes Netvibes Google Reader Bloglines 127 RSS Feeds Designers Should Subscribe To


A downloadable PHP script for form work

Social Media

85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow


frog design Kicker Studio R/GA Razorfish

Typography on the Web

The changing typography of the Web

User Experience (UX)

Resources on Personas 10 Best UX (User Experience) Design Blogs 52 Weeks of UX


Designers Toolbox FormLogix: Online form builder tool The Motive Web Design Glossary Web typography CSS Zen Garden Web Style Guide

Web Critiques

Guggenheim WhiteVoid

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