Week 15

Week 15 – Topics
  • Study the “possible exam questions” from this week and last week’s notes to prepare for the final exam.
  • Be sure to post your storyboard for your final project to your Tumblr blog. This is part of your final grade.
  • Be sure you’ve uploaded all your assignments to the corresponding folder in my teacher drop box folder by the end of today’s class.
  • Remember to add sound to your final project! We will have the final exam the beginning of class so be sure you are finished with your final project and ready to present.

Teacher Evaluations
Go over Possible Final Exam Questions


Possible Final Exam Questions (Weeks 8-14)

Week 08

  1. What are the two different standard dimensions we’ve used to set the size of our Compositions?
  2. What is masking?
  3. What are track mattes?
  4. What are stencils?

Week 09

  1. Name two of the Motion Graphics “People to know” from the list in our class notes.
  2. What is parenting?
  3. What is nesting and precomposing?

Week 10

  1. What are the three key concepts for working with 3D layers?
  2. What is multiplaning?
  3. What are the three main differences between animating a 3D layer and animating a camera?
  4. For shadows to happen, what three things do you need?

Week 11

  1. What is basic stabilization?
  2. What is basic tracking?

Week 13

  1. What are the similarities between After Effects and Final Cut Pro?
  2. What are the  differences between After Effects and Final Cut Pro?
  3. What are the basic windows of the Final Cut Pro interface?
  4. What is the key stroke to add In Points?
  5. What is the key stroke to add Out Points?

Week 14

  1. What is a lift edit and what is the shortcut?
  2. What is a ripple edit and what is the shortcut?
  3. What is a does the Roll tool do?
  4. What is a does the Ripple tool do?
  5. What is a does the Slide tool do?
  6. What is a does the Slip tool do?


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