Week 16

Week 16 – Topics

Department Survey   http://academy.smc.edu/survey/
Final Exam: Click here to take exam
Final Project presentations: You must attend the final day of class and present your final project in order to receive a grade.

*All your work, including your storyboard for your final project, must be posted or uploaded by the day our class meets. This is considered the last day of class and I cannot accept any late work. No exceptions.

Final Project – Due Week 16

For the final project I’d like you to focus on representing genres in the design of your project. You must incorporate typography in your project. Remember the genres we’ve discussed in class:

  • Fluid
  • Organic
  • Vector
  • Hand-drawn
  • Collage
  • Film
  • Kinetic typography
  • Information design

You have 2 choices for a Final Project. You must incorporate type in your project. Please choose ONE of the following:

1. Information Design
Create a motion graphics sequence communicating how to do something, explaining something, communicating a message, or present your information design idea so that I can approve it before you start to storyboard it.
Footage can include video, still photographs, titles, sound files, graphics and/or illustrations.

Example: Information Design

Information Design / Data Visualization

Done very well by the creative agency Jess3

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

JESS3 designed and animated this for the JESS3 lecture at AIGA Baltimore in Feb 2010.

— OR —

2. Film Titles
Create a motion graphics sequence representing a film or television movie or show. (The film or television show must be fictitious.)
Footage can include video, still photographs, titles, sound files, graphics and/or illustrations.

Example: Film Titles


  • Complete Storyboard
  • Standard definition video (720×480)
  • Duration: 1 to 2 min
  • Must use sound. Please only use rights cleared materials, music, etc.
  • Please check and double check your spelling

Design Considerations:

  • Type should be legible, use appropriate fonts for the design
  • Effective screen compositions and transitions
  • Good color harmony
  • Communicate the message
  • Quality and effectiveness of your execution of your design
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your technical and creative decisions.


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