Interactive Design and Development 1: Web Design

Instructor: Jamie Cavanaugh
Section: GPK-155-01
Tuesdays 2:00 pm -7:00 pm
Room 142

Class Schedule*
Week 01 – Topics

Review Syllabus
What is Interactive Design?
Why Web Design is Different than Print
Web domains + Hosting
Technical lab: File structure and the basics of HTML & CSS. Using WordPress for process blogs.

Week 02 – Topics

Visual Design: Layout and the Grid
Best of the Web: The Grid
Best of the Web: Student Selections
Technical lab: Div structure & CSS

Week 03 – Topics

Quiz 1
Visual Design: Layout and the Grid, Navigation
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Best of the Web: The Grid
Design assignment: Design a simple 2 or 3 column web page
Technical lab: 2 and 3 Column structures

Week 04 – Topics

CSS Box Model
CSS selector types
Technical lab: CSS Box Model assignment

Week 05 – Topics

Web Typography
Best of the Web: Typography
Web critiques
Assign midterm project
Technical lab: Typography & CSS. CSS selectors.

Week 06 – Topics

Rapid prototyping
Optimizing images for web
More CSS properties
Technical lab: Image slicing exercise

Week 07 – Topics

Quiz 2
CSS: The Cascade
Design assignment: Bring in Photoshop file with design comp for midterm project
Review and lab time

Week 08 – Topics

Midterm Project due
Midterm Project critiques
Assign Final project

Week 09 – Topics

Design Process – Discovery Phase:
Understanding your Audience: Personas
Analyzing your industry: Competitive Analysis
Design assignment: Redesign home page of your final project website based on information from 3 personas. Complete a competitive analysis.

Week 10 – Topics

Best of the Web: Navigation
What is information architecture?
Design assignment: Create a site map for your final project website. Create wireframes for final project. Complete
Technical lab: Building navigation using the <li> list tag

Week 11 – Topics

Quiz 3
Class critique
More Web Typography: Cufón, Typekit
Technical lab: Start HTML & CSS for final project

Week 12 – Topics

Social Media
Design assignment: Bring in Photoshop file with design comp for final project. You must finish with design by week 12.
Review and lab time

Week 13 – Topics

Quiz 4
Review and lab time

Week 14 – Topics

Final Project due
Final Project critiques

* schedule subject to change