Week 09

Week 09

Topics: Midterm Project Critiques: present website prototype
Project: If you haven’t already done so, finish documenting your design process for the midterm project (see notes below) and be sure to have this completed by our next class Wednesday, November 11.

Reading for For Next Week
Designing for Interaction: Chapter 3: “Interaction Design Basics” (pg 43-68)
Best and Worst Of The Mobile Web
Just What is Social Media, Exactly?
10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses
Twitter Nation: Microblogging is huge, but should anyone care?

Midterm Critiques: November 4 — 12:00 noon

  • Remember you must submit and be present during critiques for both the Midterm Project and Final Projects to pass this class
  • Also, you must post your website to the class server in order to present your project.
  • Please bring in any additional materials you have created from your analysis and research during the design process that may help you when you present your project.
Midterm Project (Due Week 09: November 4)

Specifications: Design a prototype website home page and first-level page for a client** of your choice. Create a sitemap for the complete website and be prepared to present the sitemap for your presentation. Focus on implementing the thought process we studied in class and creating an interesting navigational interface that allows the user to navigate the site in multiple ways. Use HTML and an external CSS file to build the prototype for your home page and first-level page of your site. Post your thoughts and decision-making process for this project on your WP blog.

** The client should be a real or fictitious company that is nation-wide and provides product(s) and/or service(s) to the general public. You should avoid picking small, local companies that do not have interest to a large public audience. You should also think about what kind of interactivity could eventually be added to the site. In what ways would the public need/want to communicate or interact with the company?

For example, a national grocer may want to provide ways for the public to order food, be notified of sale items, etc. See this New York Times article about making grocery shopping faster, more reliable, more convenient and more individualized through the online experience. This article illustrates ways in which the public could interact with grocers. The articles references the site mywebgrocer.com. Another good article about mobile interactivity is Retailers Are Learning to Love Smartphones.

Think about how you could apply these types of online interactions for the products and/or services provided by the company you choose as your client.


  1. Sitemap for entire site
  2. Home page
  3. First-level page for one of the sections. (Commonly referred to as the “landing page.”)
  4. Posting your thoughts and decision-making process for this project on your WP blog.

You need to upload your midterm project to the class server in order to present your project to the class. Please do this BEFORE class on Wednesday, November 4.

I also want you to use the knowledge and skills we’ve covered in class — and hopefully you’ve supplemented on your own — to build a prototype of the site. I do not expect the site to be built perfectly — your technical skills will improve over time. But I do expect you to use the knowledge you’ve acquired to construct a functioning site that lives on a server environment.

In addition to the design and technical production of a prototype website, you are also responsible for documenting your entire process on your WP Blog.

Design Process

The Design Process I’d like you to follow can be found in the section above, “Process Blogs.” On the Process Blog page, I will provide more details about each of the ten steps. For the Midterm Project, I expect you to cover processes #1 — #6 on your WP blog.

1. Defining Project & Audience
2. Sketching
3. Information Design
4. Interface Design
5. Visual Design
6. Prototyping: Wireframes –> HTML
7. Usability Testing
8. Iteration
9. Repeat
10. Final Version


Possible sources for images other than Corbis:

Final Project Assignment (Due Week 14: December 9)

Your final project presentations are Wednesday, December 9. No late projects accepted.

Using the prototype you developed for your midterm, the focus of the final project is to create a portfolio quality web site that incorporates design, strategy and interactivity. Your web site design should have a strong design aesthetic that reflects a specific attitude and look and feel for the site. The site design should also reflect a strong technical sophistication. You are required to build a prototype of a mobile app or mobile web site for the the site. We will discuss this part in more detail during the next few classes.

The final project web site specifications are:

  • 8-10 complete pages (and placeholder pages for other pages when applicable).
  • A clear navigation system.
  • A successful sub navigation system.
  • A strong visual design.
  • A theme and visual concept that carries through the site.
  • A design that works well on 1024×728 displays (i.e. navigation & primary content inside 990×560).
  • You must use some html text in the site.
  • You must use an external CSS file.
  • A mobile app or mobile website prototype using Flash.
  • Create a Jing (.swf) or Snapz Pro (.mov) demo of your site (10 mins maximum).
  • Completion of a site map.


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